DimmiDeck – Teach language with these fun, innovative cards.

DimmiDeck is a deck of 50 beautifully quirky, versatile flashcards for teaching languages through real communication and imagination.


The different sets of vocabulary depicted mean DimmiDeck can be used to illustrate a variety of grammatical points quickly, including…

  • past, present and future simple and continuous tenses
  • the verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’
  • personal pronouns
  • comparatives and superlatives
  • adjectives and adverbs
  • sentence structure and word order
  • possessives
  • and more!

Easy to Carry

A huge benefit of DimmiDeck is that just carrying this playing card-sized deck of characters in your pocket means you always have a bunch of lessons ready to go for those situations where you have little or no time to prepare. 

Minimal preparation, total engagement. That’s what having a DimmiDeck in your pocket gives you!

and More..

With every card containing at least one word from each language set, you can choose any card at random and it will fit your current lesson topic. Alternatively, you can pre prepare a selection of 8 or 9 cards that fit the topic you want to teach.

What comes with the Dimmideck?

DimmiDeck has 50 different cards, each one showing a different character in a different situation. Each card is made from high quality ‘casino grade’ 310gsm linen card, printed on both sides with every drop of ink designed by Alessandra specifically for the deck.

The deck comes in a full colour ‘tuck box’ like a traditional deck of playing cards. They are ‘poker’ sized, which is the same size as a standard, high quality deck of playing cards (88x63mm). For those familiar with top quality playing cards such as Bicycle or Bee, the size, feel and handling of them is comparable.

”What is DimmiDeck?”

DimmiDeck is a simple yet versatile collection of flashcards for all language teachers and bilingual parents. Unlike traditional flashcards, each DimmiDeck card is packed with at least nine vocabulary topics so you choose the one that fits your lesson!

The deck contains fifty different characters, each with their own unique expression, body shape and situation. Don’t let their simplicity fool you, each character card is crammed with language to be elicited, introduced or practised.

What’s more, DimmiDeck features various ‘special’ cards with extra vocabulary such as seasons, patterns and a few little hidden things we’ll let you discover yourself!

Get Your DimmiDeck!

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