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Our first review! –

DimmiDeck just got its first review!

And we couldn’t be happier. has given a positive first review to DimmiDeck just two days before the Kickstarter campaign finishes.

A compact toolbox for the creative TEFLer.

“When I first saw DimmiDeck, I thought it must have been the work of one of the big publishers, because it looked so polished and ambitious.  It’s actually the work of a particularly ingenious couple and it deserves a very serious look.”

You can read the rest of the review here. Also, if you use games as a resource in your language lessons frequently, why not follow the TEFLGamer blog?


Don’t Interrupt! How to Correct Correctly

The Correction Dilemma

Few of us would argue that correction is one of the most important things we can provide as language teachers. Taking someone’s own, often carefully crafted response or utterance and helping them to perfect it is something that students often only receive in the classroom. This makes it valuable, desired and ultimately expected by your students.


Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunters is a no-prep warmer activity for recycling vocabulary.



‘Entrepreneurs’ is an intermediate role-play.


Introducing People

‘Introducing People’ shows students how to introduce people in the third person as well as practise introducing themselves.

What You Need

1 x DimmiDeck

Suggested Lesson Plan

(This is the Presentation and Practise phase of a PPP lesson. The Production and phase can be found in ‘Speed Networking’)


  1. Write the following on the board…
    What ___ name?
    Where ___ from?
    How old ___ you?
    What ___ you do?
  2. Elicit the missing words and complete as a class.
  3. Model a conversation with a strong student where they ask you each question in turn and you introduce yourself.Student – What’s your name?
    Teacher – “I’m Dan”
    Student – Where are you from?
    Teacher – “I’m from London”
    Student – What do you do?
    Teacher – “I’m a teacher.”
    Student – How old are you?
    Teacher – I’m 35.
  4. Repeat the model conversation, this time changing roles and asking the student the questions.
  5. After successfully modelling the activity, have the students do the exercise with each other, paying attention to the grammar.
  6. Next, feed back by having the students introduce their partner in the third person.
  7. Clarify meaning, form and pronunciation of the new language.


  1. Choose a DimmiDeck card at random. ‘Introduce’ them to the class using the same formula. Invent a name, an age and a nationality.
  2. Model the exercise again using a strong student and write the information they come up with on the board for everyone to see. Name, Age, Job, Nationality.
  3. Go round every student and create a profile for each character. Board all the characters.
  4. Have students practise the grammar by introducing themselves and then their DimmiDeck character to their partner.
  5. Monitor as normal and feedback as a whole class.


For the production phase, play ‘Speed Networking’, a role-play where students must walk around and introduce themselves and their new DimmiDeck characters to their classmates. Remember to remove the grammar and complete sentences from the board before this exercise, but leave the character information visible.

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Speed Networking

Students introduce themselves and their DimmiDeck friends to each other quickly.



Students make sentences using prepositions of place.


Where’s the doctor?

A kinaesthetic activity using prepositions of place.



Practise and drill simple vocabulary with ‘Doppelgänger’.


When and While

Clarify when to use ‘when’ and ‘while’ with the past continuous and past simple.