Psychic Slam

Players practise thinking quickly in their second language, with no time to translate in their head. Also fun in your first language!

What You Need

1 x DimmiDeck with 6-10 pairs of cards (2 x doctors, 2 x firefighters) preselected. You can now purchase DimmiDeck here!

1-4 players


  1. Psychic Slam revolves around a classic game of snap. But where’s the language practise in that?
  2. Choose a vocabulary topic beforehand. Using the DimmiDeck cards, ‘jobs, hair colour, eye colour and mood’ are good choices.
  3. Students take it in turns to ‘slam’ a card against the table face-up.
  4. When ‘slamming’ your card against the table, you must simultaneously (before you see the card) shout out a random prediction from the chosen vocabulary topic. For example, if you’re playing with ‘jobs’, shout a random job as you slam your card down.
  5. As soon as you slam down your card, students have a very short time to understand if your ‘prediction’ was true. So if you shouted ‘Doctor’ and the card was in fact a Doctor, the first student to slam their hand onto the pile wins all the cards in the pile.
  6. If the prediction is incorrect, continue round the circle.
  7. If someone ‘slams’ incorrectly when the prediction doesn’t match, they must give one of their cards to each player.
  8. The loser is the person who first runs out of cards. The winner is the player with the most cards at this point.

This game is great at training students to not rely on translation so much. The aim of the game is to think and decide quickly, so they don’t have time to translate the character or colour they see in front of them. Try it!

Have fun!

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