Taboo Twist

Describe the job on your card to your fellow students in 10 seconds.

What You Need

12 x DimmiDeck Cards – Teacher ♀, Teacher ♂, Doctor ♀, Farmer ♂, Student ♂, Taxi Driver, Secretary ♀, Postwoman, Electrician ♂, Artist ♀, Waiter, Waitress

1-4 Players

The following list of ‘banned words’, cut into cards and paired with their DimmiDeck equivalent.


  1. Players take it in turns in any order.
  2. Player 1 takes a random card and has 10 seconds from the moment they see it to explain the card to their fellow players.
  3. They cannot use any of the ‘banned words’. If they do, they forfeit the point.
  4. When the time runs out, the player loses. If a student guesses correctly during the time, they both receive one point.
  5. The winner at the end of the cards is the player with the most points for both explaining and guessing.