A-Z Snap

Snap with a twist! Players practise thinking quickly in their second language, with no time to translate in their head!

What You Need

1 x DimmiDeck

1-4 players


  1. Choose a letter of the alphabet to start with. Let’s start with ‘A’.
  2. The dealer deals cards slowly into four separate piles, face up. Players should be able to clearly see the cards at all times, and a new card be dealt every 3 seconds or so.
  3. Players look at the pictures until they see something that begins with the letter A. For example, if the Artist card is dealt, Artist begins with A so the first player to shout ‘Artist!’ wins the point. If a card features an Apple, the first person to shout ‘Apple’ wins the point. Whoever is the first to shout a correct answer wins the point.
  4. Players then move onto the next letter, in this case ‘B’, and look for words beginning with the letter B.
  5. Any correct words can be given, and creativity is encouraged! For example, acceptable answers for ‘B’ could be businessman, bald, bored, books, briefcase, brown, bottle, boots, bus, bag, big and many others!
  6. The winner is the first player to 5 points!


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