The world’s going to end in ten minutes. Debate your right to survival!

Pre Teach

‘Armageddon’ is a communication activity. It will require some pre teaching or previous knowledge of giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing and debating. Students will also need to be able to speculate about the future.

What You Need

1 x DimmiDeck – a typical ‘no preparation’ DimmiDeck activity!

Suggested Lesson Plan

  1. Students select one card at random from the deck. This is their ‘role’ in the activity.
  2. Tell students that there is only space for some of them in the bunker. If there are six students, for example, tell them two will not survive. If there are ten students, tell them four will not survive.
  3. In pairs, students have a few minutes to prepare notes on why they (or rather their ‘character’) and their partners characters deserve to survive. They should think about the benefits they would provide to a future society. For instance the Doctor card could treat illness or heal people. The Farmer can grow food and is strong. The Secretary or Taxi Driver card will have to be creative to justify his place!
  4. Students each have two minutes to make their speech, trying to convince the other students to vote for them. This should be fun, so give praise for creativity.
  5. Once everyone has made their case, students must vote for the two (or however many you chose at the start) people who must unfortunately stay outside the bunker.
  6. Congratulate the survivors, commiserate the brave volunteers and make any language observations as necessary.


Other situation ideas – zombie apocalypse, incoming meteorite, new ice age, alien invasion, contagious disease outbreak… send us your ideas!