Students practise verbs in the present continuous using mime.

What You Need

Cut out some verbs on pieces of paper that the students are familiar with and that you want to recycle.

Suggested Lesson Plan

(This is a the Production phase of a PPP lesson. The Presentation and Practise phases can be found at ‘What are they doing?’)

This activity is important for two things. Mainly it should be to practise the third person present continuous structure that the learners looked at in the last activity, but it’s also a good opportunity to recycle some verbs and perhaps introduce some new ones.


  1. After erasing the ‘form’ of the present continuous from the board (at this point they should be comfortable with it) invite students to pick a verb card from the pile.
  2. The student attempts to mime the action on their card.(For shier students this activity can be done in small groups instead of as a whole class.)
  3. Students must guess what he or she is doing using the correct structure.
  4. Repeat with different verbs and, depending on the class, allow them to introduce their own ideas which you can then add to the mind map.
  5. Alternatively, make the activity competitive by introducing teams and a scoring system!


The activities ‘What are they doing?’ and ‘Mimics’ are designed to be a very loose guidelines as to materials and lessons structure. There are lots of things you could do to personalise the lesson, such as adding competition, adding first person, plural and negative forms of the grammar, adding video etc.

With this guide you have a simple lesson structure that covers all the points that you need to teach. Remember that every class is different and some may need more repetition than others.