Students make sentences using prepositions of place.

What You Need

12 x Free DimmiDeck cards

Suggested Lesson Plan

This is a simple PPP lesson plan – Presentation and Practise and Production. 

This activity assumes that you have previously studied prepositions of place with your class and is intended as a warm up, a further practise activity or a revision activity.


  1. Elicit the prepositions of place from the students and mind map them. For this exercise they need on, under, in, next to, behind, in front of and between.
  2. Provide students with the following gap fill sentences either on the board or on a worksheet:The student is ___ the park, holding a book ___ him
    The vet is walking  ___ two dogs
    The snake is ___ the waitress
    The hat is ___ the farmer’s head
    The secretary is stood ___ a desk
    The teacher is stood  ___ the blackboard
  3. Show each card in order and revise the prepositions with the students. Complete the gap fill together using the images.
  4. Clarify MPF and provide extra real-world examples as needed.


  1. Give each pair of students two or three cards.
  2. In pairs, have them write sentences using prepositions of place describing each card. Encourage them to use each preposition at least once between the different cards
  3. Monitor and assist with any new vocabulary.
  4. Feedback as a class and peer correct as necessary.


For a freer production activity, have the students make sentences in pairs about the location of things in their classroom. For extra practise and a more kinaesthetic activity, try out ‘Where’s the Doctor?’