Speed Networking

Students introduce themselves and their DimmiDeck friends to each other quickly.

What You Need

1 x DimmiDeck

Suggested Lesson Plan

(This is the Production phase of a PPP lesson. The Presentation and Practise phases can be found in ‘Introducing People’)

  1. Keep the ‘mind map’ of DimmiDeck character information on the board from the previous exercise ‘Introducing People’.
  2. Take the cards that were used to create characters and mix them up. Then redistribute them to the students randomly.
  3. Students take their cards and walk around the classroom introducing themselves to other students. After introducing themselves, they should introduce the DimmiDeck character using the information generated in the previous exercise.
    “I’m Alessandra, I’m a teacher.  I’m 25 and I’m from Italy. This is Julie. She’s a doctor. She’s 22 and she’s from England. Nice to meet you!”
    “Nice to meet you too! I’m Alex, I’m a student. This is Sandra. She’s a postwoman!”
  4. Students continue until they’ve ‘met’ all the other students.
  5. Teacher monitors as normal and provides correction as necessary.
  6. You can then repeat the activity with different cards.
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