Where’s the doctor?

A kinaesthetic activity using prepositions of place.

What You Need

1 x DimmiDeck

Suggested Lesson Plan

(This is a Practise activity of a PPP lesson. You can find a Presentation and another Practise phase in ‘Prepositions’)


  1. Having previously taught the prepositions on, in, under, behind, in front of, between and next to, hide the different DimmiDeck cards in various places around the room corresponding to these prepositions.
  2. Explain to the students that in pairs they must find the cards and secretly write a sentence describing their location. They should refer the cards by their jobs. For example ‘The Doctor is under the teacher’s desk’ and ‘the vet is behind the drawers’.
  3. After ten to fifteen minutes, call all the students back to their seats and do group feedback.
  4. Give students one point for finding a card, and two extra points for writing a correct and complete sentence (leaving leeway for 1 point for minor errors)
  5. Feedback all the sentences together and clarify their accuracy.
  6. Congratulate the winning team!